Pro-Am refers to a student (the Amateur) partnering with a teacher (the Professional) to compete in this division.

Pro-Am Jack & Jill contests are a fun way to allow individuals to enter competition and have the opportunity to dance with a professional level dancer in a competition format. There is an inherent “luck of the draw” factor involved. Leaders and followers are randomly paired, although one partner will always be a professional (AWCSO Staff) and the other will be an Amateur (Open to Intermediate and below only)

The judges only judge the dancing of the Am, not the partnership.


  1. Couples must remain in contact unless executing a spin.
  2. No acrobatic moves, or lifts – but drops, slides, leverages are permitted.
  3. No choreography.
  4. Couples dance to about 1½ minutes of a song appropriate for their division. The music is chosen by the DJ.
  5. Costumes and props are not allowed. Coordinating attire is acceptable.
  6. Only the amateur is judged in his/her respective lead/follow category.


  • This is a fun, no-commitment way to get some great dances with a Pro (or several) you don’t normally get access to.
  • You will also experience the challenge and thrill of competing with one of the Pros.
  • All the pros are experts at elevating their partners and making them dance better than they thought they could.