Strictly Swing is entered as a couple, and will challenge each duo to push their social dancing and improvisation to the limits. The contest DJ picks the music. Couples dance in heats for several short songs. If more than 15 couples enter, there will be a preliminary contest followed by a final round. Judges will evaluate couples based on their demonstration of good social dancing skills, timing, technique, connection, lead and follow, presentation, showmanship and skill level.

* Costumes and props are not allowed but coordinating attire is acceptable.

* Couples must remain in contact unless executing a spin.

* Dancers must maintain their own physical contact with the floor during partner weight support moves.

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The Asia WCS Open offers 2 levels of Strictly Swing Divisions.


Both partners cannot have more than 15 Novice points or any Intermediate points.


Anybody with more than 15 Novice points or Intermediate and above points must compete in this division.