Partners for 15 years, Myles and Tessa are the highest ranked Canadian and international dancers on the NASDE circuit, multi-time winners in the Showcase and Champions J&J divisions.

Myles grew up dancing on stage since age 8, with classical training in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Theatre Arts, Gymnastics, Country Western, Salsa, and International Ballroom / Latin. He is a graduate of the national dance troupe, Young Canadians, and won 6 UCWDC World Championship titles before age 20, when he transitioned to the Swing world.

Tessa brings the academic to the partnership with university degrees in both Kinesiology and Education. She was a full-time nationally certified competitive swimming coach and coach trainer when she started dancing ballroom / latin / salsa for one year before discovering WCS. For the past 10 years, Tessa has been a public school educator, substitute teaching between tours.

Together, Myles and Tessa they have over 40 years of teaching / coaching experience, and are specialists in movement analysis and skill development. They are known for their unique approach to teaching, explaining technique in an entertaining, easy-to-digest way that makes it more accessible and produces stronger dancers. They are creators of the Swing Literacy Development Method (, which is quickly becoming the gold standard for WCS teacher training around the world.