Ryan and Mia debuted their partnership and classic routine at the 2017 US Open, and are thrilled to compete with their routine all year. They both draw from their varied dance and performance backgrounds to teach West Coast Swing in hopes of sharing their passion for dance.

Ryan Crutcher began his training in Ballet and Modern Dance at the age of 12. He then expanded his repertoire to include Hip-Hop and Jazz while attending a performing arts high school in Los Angeles. When introduced to partner dancing, his passion for dance truly came into focus. Ryan won 1st place at the US Open Swing Dance Championships 2001 – Young Adult, followed by 2nd in the World Country Championships 2002 – Juniors, and he continues to study, perform, and teach a variety of partner dances such as West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Latin, and Country. 

Mia Primavera got her start young in Musical Theatre after discovering a love of performance during her time as a competitive cheerleader. She has trained in acting and vocal performance as well as a variety of solo dance styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Contemporary. Partner dancing is the creative marriage of everything she loves: music, dancing, performing, and improvisation. 

Choreographing, teaching, and performing live allow Ryan and Mia to constantly take on new challenges, as they dedicate themselves to becoming diverse and innovative dancers and choreographers.